Midnight Barbecue #4 - Jamaica Preview

It's January. For most people that means some form of resolutions. For me, it means that there is one more month until Midnight Barbecue Jamaica. 

I know that a lot of people think manifestation is a lot of mumbo jumbo, but it really does work. This is a perfect example of that. I casually mentioned that I was going to do a dinner party in Jamaica (the island, not Queens) and before I knew it, I had 20 people going. And not just 20 people saying that they were going...I mean 20 real people with real flights. Well, that escalated quickly. 

So now it's January and I have a little over a month to plan this dinner. The great part is that I already have the venue. With any event, that's always the hardest part. Now I just need to figure out the menu, cocktails, decor and music. Simple enough, right?

I'm going to go work on that while you watch this recap video from Midnight Barbecue #4. This was my Jamaica inspired edition. The Tainos who discovered Jamaica dubbed it as the land of wood and water. I used that as my inspiration to create a peaceful landscape with lots of blues and wood pieces tied together with a long eucalyptus runner to give the right amount of greenery. The food was handled by Pienanny, known for her Caribbean pies, both savory and sweet. It was a great night and the perfect way to get ready for the Jamaica edition.