Moroccan Hospitality: Keep the Mint Tea Coming

Moroccan Hospitality: Keep the Mint Tea Coming

I've been battling the flu for a week now and it's been brutal. Holistic therapies are always my go to during moments like this. Food is medicine and all that jazz. Where I stumbled this time is that I didn't add mint tea until I was halfway done with the week. I think I saw one too many Jamaicans and tea memes (for example: Believe in yourself the way Jamaicans believe in tea) and started doubting the practicality of it.

By Wednesday, I did some digging and through the power of the Internet learned that it isn't some Jamaican urban legend (one point for the yaad) and menthol in peppermint tea is actually one of the best things possible for fighting a cold. I've been downing three cups of mint tea a day since.

It made me start to think about my upcoming trip to Morocco. I've wanted to visit Morocco for about 10 years now. When I thought about making a bucket list it was one of the few things that found it's way on the still uncompleted list. It said simply: Drink mint tea in Morocco.

I'll admit that Morocco having an abundance of mint tea is all that I've known about the country for years. A place where strangers greet you with mint tea? Yeah, that's all I needed to know. That's heaven, no? It's the ultimate form of hospitality.

I know that Marrakesh is going to be overflowing with color, spices, alleys and hammams, but really, nothing excites me more than being able to sit in a cafe and watch the hectic city slow down as I drink a cup of mint tea. 

Until I get there, I'm about to make another cup right here in Atlanta because this pesky cough is determined to stick around a little longer than it's welcome.