Shannon S. Evans
Shannon S. Evans
Photo by  Ron Hill

Photo by Ron Hill

Hey there! My name is Shannon and I create things in the hospitality space. In 2014, a series of adventures led me to open a restaurant, bar and art gallery in Atlanta called Studio No. 7. I quickly learned that I hated running a restaurant, but I loved food and beverage and more importantly, I loved crafting experiences focused on both. 

In June 2018, I left  Studio No. 7 to create Holy Sip. I'm now able to use my years of writing, crafting cocktails, photography, travel and general curiosity to help me tell stories around food and beverage. 

In addition to spaces, I curate experiences for clients such as Blackwell Rum, Martell Cognac and Heineken USA. I also run a street food and cocktail dinner party series called Midnight Barbecue.


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